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Vintage Farm Equip. - Antiques, Contents of Home

Shoffner-Spoon Historic Alamance Co. Farm Estate


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Brief Description

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Public Previews: ***Friday 1/5 Preview Cancelled Due to Snow/ICE 

Sat. 1/6: 11-2pm;  Mon. 1/8: 12-2pm; Tues. 1/9: 12-2pm

Shoffner-Spoon House at Meadowlawn Farm Built in 1827 by Michael Shoffner, enlarged in 1925 by W.L. Spoon.

Auction Schedule

Online Bidding Only

Began: 12/30/17 at 10:00 PM EST

Ended: 01/09/18 at 7:00 PM EST




Vintage Farm & Shop Equipment

Antiques/Primitives – Contents of Home

Historic Shoffner/Spoon House (Built 1827)

Estates of the late William Luther Spoon & Miriam and Norman Alexander

4922 Kimesville Rd., Burlington, NC

Online Bidding

Bidding Ends Tuesday - 1/9/17

Public Previews:

Friday 1/5: 12-2pm

Sat. 1/6: 11-2pm

Tues. 1/9: 12-2pm


United Country – Rogers Auctioneers, Inc.





Shoffner-Spoon House at Meadowlawn Farm Built in 1827 by Michael Shoffner, enlarged in 1925 by W.L. Spoon.

#10 Stone Crock w/ Lid

(18+/-) Stanchions

(2) Concrete Planters

(2) Gas Cans

(2) Wheelbarrows

(2) Wooden Doors

(3) Mill Stones

(3) Wooden Egg Crates

(3) Wooden Egg Crates

10" Dia. Metal Tin/Lid

12" Pail, Galvanized (Well Bucket)

12’ Wooden Church Pew

12’ Wooden Church Pew

13 Small Glass Candle Holders

14" T Wooden Bucket

16 Disk Harrow – 1pt.

1891 Orange Co Map

1893 Alamance Co Map

1900 Calendar & Notebook

1902 National Zoo Guide

1903 County Fair Premium List

1903 Family Sewing Machine

1903 Ladies’ Calendar

1908 Pierce’s Account Book

1920s Mt Mitchell Pamphlet

1922 Yellowstone Postcard

1924 NC Highway Map

1928 Alamance Co Map

1930 Carolina Motor Club

1934 World’s Fair Guide

1936 NC Highway Map

1939 UNC Calendar

1940s Baby Book

1943 Valentines Booklet

1950 NC Vacation Guide

1952-56 Campaign Items

1969 Guilford Co Map

1973 Texaco NC/SC Map

2 Bottom Plow – 1pt. Hitch

2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Hand Saws

2 Man Crosscut Saws

2 Metal Pans

20th Century Coffee Pots

33 1/3, 45, & 78 RPM Records

43+/- Treated & Cedar Posts

5 Metal Barrel Hoops

5 Pcs. Stoneware

5 Picture Frames

5 Shelf Shelving Units

5’ Bush Hog Rotary Mower

68+ Pcs. Silver Plate Flatware

7 Pcs. Homer Laughlin China

7 Pcs. Porcelain

8 Coffee Mugs

Ad for 1893 Alamance Map

Adjustable Bed Frames

Advertising Baking Pans

Advertising Cards

Air Way Vacuum Cleaner

Allis Chalmers C Tractor

Amber Art Deco Glasses; Decanter

Anchor Hocking Glassware

Antifreeze & 10W40 Oil

Antique Hand Crank Food Press

Antique Mantel

Antique Metal Seed Cleaner

Antique Phonola Phonograph

Antique Wooden Bed


Armour & Co Cling Peaches Crate

Armour Wooden Box

Art Deco Brushes

Assorted Baskets

Assorted Magazines

Assorted Toys

Atlas Mason Jars

Axe; Mallet

Babbitt’s Cleanser Crate

Baby Bed

Ball Mason Jars

Bas Relief Manger Scene

Baseball and Bat, Leather Basketball

Bee Smoker


Beverage Glasses, Cream Pitcher

Black Bentwood Chairs

Black Leather Chair, Ottoman

Bloch Perambulator/Pram/Carriage

Block & Tackle

Blue Pottery Bowl

Blue-White Enamel Pot, 12" Dia.

Board of Commerce Cigar Box



Bookshelf with Doors


Bowl, Cream & Sugar, Decanter

Boyd’s Perfect Mason Jars

Broken Pottery (Pieces)

Brown & White Pottery Jug #2

Brown Glass Bottle

Brushes and Talcum Powder can

Buckets & Lids

Buddy L Dump Truck

Bushel Baskets

Butter Churn

Butter Keepers

Candlestick & Glass Shade

Candy Dish w/ Lid

Canopy Double Bed

Cast Iron Pot, 16" Dia. X 13"

Cast Iron Skillet, 10A

Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Cedar Lined Wardrobe

Ceramic Bedpan & Glass Urinal

Ceramic Water Jug

Chamber Pots, Stool & Lid

Charter Oak Dresser

Charter Oak Night Stand

Charter Oak Student Desk and Hutch

Charter Oak Twin Bed

Cheese Hoops

Chest of Drawers, 6 Drawers

Cloth-backed 1928 Map

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Table

Cole 1 pt. Hitch Planter

Column Plant Stands

Contents of Corner

Corn Sheller

Corona 3 Typewriters


Crocheted Lace; Woven Fan

Crown Bottle; Mason Jars

Crystal Goblets

Cup Wood Strip Berry Baskets

Dansico Teahouse Rose China

Desk Accessories

Desk Fan

Diamond Brand Crate

Domestic Sewing Machine

Drafting Table & Stool

Drafting Tools

Dresser with Mirror

Drop Leaf Table, 1 Drawer

E.M. Holt Letter & Tassel

Easy Monday Starch Bottle

Echo Weed Trimmer

Egg Beaters

Egg Plate; Cream & Sugar

Enamel Pots & Pans

Enamelware Bathtub

Enamelware Bedpan w/ Lid & Urinal

Enamelware Pot with Handle

Engraving 1893 Alamance Map

Enterprise Food/Meat Grinder

Farmall 140 Tractor w/ Cultivators

Faux Tortoise Shell Brushes

Fireplace Tools

Flax Hackle

Flax Spinning Wheel

Flexible Spout Oil Can

Floral Baskets

Flowers Sign

Folding Bed/Cot

Foley Food Mill

Food/Meat Grinder, Wood Bench


Framed Fox Print

Framed Pictures & Posters

Franklin Sugar Crate

Fuchsia Glass Globes; Glasses

Galvanized Gate

Galvanized Tubs

GE Clothes Dryer

Ginger Jar & Pottery Lamp

Glade Sugar Corn Crate

Glass Butter Churn


Gold Framed Wall Mirror

Green Cube Bookcase

Green Gold Pink Rug

Guild Picture Puzzle


Hacksaw; Shears

Half Bushel Baskets

Half Moon Table

Hame; Square

Hand Cranked Sheep Shearing Machine

Hand Made Crutches

Hand Pump

Hand-Forged Trivet

Harvey, Blair & Co Crate

Hemingray Insulators

Hinged Wooden Box

Hoe & Pick

Hoe, Bush Axe, Crow Bar

Homemade Wooden Storage Box

Hoosier Cabinet

Horse & Rider Wood Box

Horse Drawn Riding Cultivator

Horse Drawn Riding Cultivator

International Adding Machine, Stand with Shelf and Machine Cover

Iron Bed #1


John Deere Pull Type Sickle Mower

Kerosene Heater

Kerosene Lamps

Kewpie Stories 1911-1912

Kiddie Cart

Kitchen Toys

Kitchen Utensils

L. Maxcy Orange Crate

Ladder-back Chairs

Lady Macbeth Doll

Lamp Supplies & Chimneys

Lamp/Plant Stand


Large Woven Basket

Laundry Hampers

Lidded Jars

Life Magazines

Lineman's Shovel

Look Magazines

Lost Colony Souvenir Plate

Made in Japan Decorative Plates

Majestic Tea Kettle

Man in the Moon Mirror

Map of State of NC


Marx Pretty Maid Toy Stove

Mattock & Pick

May 1915 Pilot Mountain Map

McCormick Deering Cream Separator

Meat Cleaver

Melville Dairy Farms Bottle

Metal Block with Hook

Metal Garbage Can

Metal Gas Can

Metal Ladder

Metal Lunch Box

Metal Pail

Metal Pan & Knives

Metal Storage Rack

Metal Storage Rack

Metal Storage Rack

Metal Storage Rack

Metal Storage Rack

Milk Bottle Stoppers

Milk Bottles

Milk Jug, Metal

Milk Separator

Mississippi Map

Mixed Glasses and Bowl

Mixed Glasses/Goblets

Mott’s Brown Glass Bottle

Mrs. Filbert’s Jar

National Geographic Magazines

Nation's Business Magazines

Navy and Brown Rug

Neiman Marcus Fur


Night Stand

No Trespass Sign

No. 1A Autographic Kodak

North State Phone Books, 1941-1942

Oak Desk and Chair

Ohio Standard #11 Stalk Cutter

Our Messenger Shoe Crate

Pair Wooden Saw Horses

Pick Axe

Pie Safe

Pigeon Hole Desk

Pint Wire & Wood Strip Baskets

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Box

Plant Pots

Platter, Glasses, Etc.

Portmanteau Black Leather

Portmanteau Brown Leather

Portmanteau/Steamer Trunk

Pottery Candleholder

Prince of India Wooden Cigar Box

Progressive Farmer Magazines

Progressive Farmer Magazines

Push Plow- Parts

Quart Milk Bottles – set of 4

Quart Wood Strip Berry Baskets

Railway Time Table Aug 1896

Red and Cream Braided Rug

Relish Dishes

Round Wall Mirror; Clock

Round Wood Heater

Royal Full Measure Jars; Lids


Scale with Ring & Hook

Scott’s Spreader

Sewing Supplies; Lace

Sharpening Stone

Sheer Curtain Stretchers

Sheer Curtain Stretchers

Sherbet Cups

Shoe Making Tools


Siegler Gas Space Heater

Spartus Full-Vue Camera

Square Canning Jars

Squarebuilt Pipe Cutter

Steamboat Schedule May 1907

Steemco Model 425 Iron

Stocks & Dies, Original Boxes

Stove Bottom – Parts

Stuffed Toys, Puzzle

Sugar Bowl & 6 Etched Goblets


Surveyor’s Sticks

Syrup Dispenser; Honey Jar

Table, 1 Drawer


Tar Heel Wood Stove

Tea Cups

Tea Pot; Figurine; Jar

Texaco Oil Bucket

The Central Protestant  Newspaper

The Central Protestant  Newspaper

The Country Gentleman Magazines

The Methodist Protestant Newspaper

Thonet Rocker

Toy Lamp; Blue Gingham Monkey

Toy Table

Train Schedule May 1896

Trash Cans

Trespass Sign

Trojan Brand Orange Crate

Trunk Tray


Twin Bed

Two Pitchers

Two-Toned Double Bed

Two-Toned Vanity

Two-Toned Wood Dresser

Typewriting Supplies; Office Paper

Umbrella Stand

Upholstered Easy Chair

Upholstered Rocker

Vanguard Floor Polisher


Vinegar Jug

Vintage  Iridescent White Oil Lamp

Vintage Bellows

Vintage Buzz Saw

Vintage Cans and Tins

Vintage Case Drill –Parts

Vintage Chair

Vintage Cider Mill

Vintage Corn Binder

Vintage Disk Plow

Vintage Double Tree

Vintage Double Tree

Vintage Double Tree

Vintage Egg Grader

Vintage F.W. McNess Baking Sheet

Vintage Gas Pump

Vintage GMC Delivery Truck

Vintage Hair Dryer

Vintage Hay Rake

Vintage Horse Drawn Cultivator

Vintage Horse Drawn Cultivator

Vintage Horse Drawn Cultivator

Vintage Horse Drawn Harrow

Vintage Horse Drawn Plow – Parts

Vintage Horse Drawn Plows

Vintage IHC Horse Drawn Mower

Vintage Iron Bed

Vintage John Deere Manure Spreader

Vintage John Deere Plow

Vintage Knives

Vintage McCormick Horse Drawn Mower

Vintage Metal Cultivator Part

Vintage Metal Pail

Vintage Metal Parts

Vintage Metal Tricycle/Scooter

Vintage Metal Watering Can

Vintage Metal Wheels/Rim

Vintage Mower Swath Boards

Vintage Oil Buckets & Gas Can

Vintage Planter –Parts

Vintage Reaper – Parts

Vintage Red Trunk

Vintage Reel Mower

Vintage Saw, Sickle Blade & Shield

Vintage Screen Door

Vintage Scythe w/ Metal Handle

Vintage Scythe w/ Metal Handle

Vintage Shovel

Vintage Single Tree

Vintage Single Trees

Vintage Spreader Parts/Wooden Frame

Vintage Stove

Vintage Superior Drill

Vintage Tennis Racquets

Vintage Toolbox & Tools

Vintage Tools

Vintage Tools

Vintage Tools/Parts on Wall/Floor

Vintage Trailer – Parts

Vintage Trap

Vintage Trunk w/ Damage

Vintage Wagon Wheels/Axles

Vintage Whetstones

Vintage Whiskey Barrel

Vintage Whiskey Barrel

Vintage Whiskey Barrel

Vintage Whiskey Barrel

Vintage Windows

Vintage Wooden Beam Plow

Vintage Wooden Bench

Vintage Wooden Bench

Vintage Wooden Bench

Vintage Wooden Bench

Vintage Wooden Box

Vintage Wooden Box w/ Contents

Vintage Wooden Carpenter’s Box

Vintage Wooden Mallet

Vintage Wooden Stool

Vintage Wooden Trough/Box

Vintage Work Bench w/ Vises


Wall Mirror

War Ration Book No. 3

Waterbury Mantle Clock

Waters Conley Phonola

Wedgwood Countryside China

Western Gem Plates

Wheelbarrow, Shovel, Pail

White Bookcase

White Enamel Pans

White Glass Chalice

White Rug, 170" x 145"

Wicker Chair

Wicker Potty Chair

Wire Basket & Contents

Wood and Iron Candelabra

Wood Burning Stove/Heater

Wooden Box w/ Top Sliding Board

Wooden Boxes

Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Crate

Wooden Crates

Wooden Cubbies & Contents

Wooden Door

Wooden Fence Section

Wooden Florida Citrus Box, 27"

Wooden Screw

Wooden Toys & Letters

Wooden, Metal Lined Drink Dispenser

Woven Bag; Leather Gloves, Nylons

Wringer Washing Machine


Yarn Counters

Yellow Tree Peaches Cr

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